Revolutionizing Behavior Intervention Plans with BIP Visualized's MVP

BIP Visualized is an innovative online tool designed to create Behavior Intervention Plans visually through a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. This marks a significant advancement in the field of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis), eliminating the need for traditional, inaccessible, lengthy BIPs filled with jargon.

Effortless BIP Creation
Encompassing Prevent, Teach, Respond (Behavior Management), and Respond (Reinforcement), the Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) is a comprehensive framework. "Prevent" focuses on averting undesired behaviors, "Teach" involves imparting new skills, "Respond (Behavior Management)" addresses instances when the unwanted behavior occurs, and "Respond (Reinforcement)" applies when the preventive strategies are successful. In a BIP a Behavior experts recommend ABA strategies for prevention, teaching, reinforcement, or behavior management. Traditionally, these strategies were documented in word format, listed in bullet points under each corresponding header. With the BIP maker, experts can now seamlessly drag and drop these strategies into the tool, enhancing efficiency and visual intuitiveness in intervention planning. This not only increases accessibility but also enhances the overall effectiveness of the BIP.

Interactive Strategy View
Users can select a strategy to open the strategy view, where they encounter an accessible, step-by-step flow chart of the chosen strategy, complemented by illustrative visuals.

Enhancing BIP Presentations with Interactive Highlights
After the behavior experts complete their BIP, they can present it to their team for approval. By hovering over different sections of the BIP, behavior experts can highlight specific areas, providing clarity to stakeholders and facilitating a more comprehensive understanding during the presentation.